chester zoo

In the half term holiday I visited Chester zoo,whilst I was there a camera crew were filming a documentry.The presenter was the one and only David Attenborough.


  1. l found a magic mushroom and i stoud on it    and    it   was  all       dirty       then    l    came   to   a   monster     it     nearly     hit   my  hed in the sludge it coat was all fluffy  it was realy realy  wumr   then   l      see     a   burp       fadr   past   my

Dyscarr Woods

You shoud visit dyscarr woods because yo can do lots of things like    selter bilding, walking dogs, rideing bikes and playing. There are  mushrooms and trees with monster ayes and sludge mood. The birds may burp it dose not matter but still come to dyscarr woods it is on the school fialed IT IS FREE !So come along . If you dont like the other activits you can always have a pinice . you can olso see all the wild life in dyscarr woods!

100 word challange

Come and visit dyscarr woods there is a lot of sludge so id bring your wellies if I was you I know your not me but never mind. There’s nothing to be scared of there aren’t any fluffy monsters that eat you or anything like that.if they where then they would proberbly they would eat mushrooms and all that kind of stuff.Here’s a funny joke for you what did the monster say when he was porlie? Don’t come near me I have burp itus get it he kept burping all the time so he has got burp itusta dah:-) 99 words

Dyscarr Wood’s 100 word challenge by keelan and finley

In Dyscarr wood’s Finley  and  Keelan was   walking the dogs there was some fluffy wool we wondered who left it here suddenly a monster appeared and did a gigantic burp it blew us away so we turned and ran as fast as we could we “shouted! come on dogs” but kyer was still barking at the “monster”.  We left her and she attacked the monster! and we got stuck in some sludge and the dog’s got us some vines and they tied it to a enormous polkadot mushroom and they pulled us out and a door; opened we ran back home…

The Ghost

It was a stormy night. I felt cold and shivery. I stood in my garden and I looked up at the twinkly, sparkling stars. They were making an animal shape. One was a duck and one was a horse.Then I looked straight on and I saw a shape in front of me, it was huge and scary. I think it was a ghost.

I ran inside because my mum told me that my egg on toast was ready. After I had eaten it i went back outside and saw a little gnome picking up a broom and chasing the ghost away.








The gnome who cried ghost.

  1. One day I do not know what happened because I was fast asleep and so was my parent,s but one of the gnome,s wich woke me up cried ghost but the ghost was eating toast as thought to my self why the heck would a ghost be eating toast at this time at night any way I thought ghost,s did not egsist.
  2. When the ghost left it dropped an egg on the floor then again I thought to my self why the heck would a ghost be eating toast.

101 word challenge.

One bitter, cold day in the woods there was a little boy called Tyler, he was very lost and very scared. All he had to keep him company was his favourite toy. A gnome called broom. As tyler wondered through the woods trying to find a way home he came across a house. The house looked dark and scary but they thought there might be someone inside who could help them. Tyler opened the door and shouted hello, no one answered so tyler walked in and found egg on toast in the kitchen. As he was eating it he heard a ghost!